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Commit to Practicing Excellence and Why You Should Stop Pursuing Perfectionism.

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Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? If you do, you may, like I used to, confuse the pursuit of perfection with the ongoing commitment to a practice of excellence. The two can seem the same but they are not.

Pushing yourself to be perfect is not the same as striving for excellence in all you do and making that part of your daily routine. Excellence takes practice and you should be relentless in your commitment to it. One of the ways to do that is to realize that simplicity brings clarity, and brevity without substance is wasteful.

So remove everything in your day to day life that is not performing a useful/helpful function. 

The reason I bring up simplicity is that sometimes in our pursuit of perfectionism, our lives can get overcrowded because it almost always comes from a place of anxiety and insecurity, in addition to selfishness. When you’re chasing the elusive perfection, you are always going to a place of insecurity, throwing too much at something when it doesn’t need it.

Sometimes the answer to this can be very simple. Because when you are pursuing excellence, it’s not about trying to be perfect but executing every task as best you can.

Sometimes it’s about being simple so that it can be excellent. A serial perfectionist will always want to add complications to the mix and crowd things because for them, nothing is ever enough. 

I was once in that place, and I had to mature into a place of pursuing excellence vs. feeling like I had to be perfect. I was very insecure and felt like I had to prove my value and my worth.

Instead of focusing on what I was trying to execute, everything was about how I was going to look doing it – and that’s backward from what it should be.    A serial perfectionist will always want to add complications to the mix and crowd things because for them, nothing is ever enough. 

At some point, I realized something that I now find very practical. It’s not about adding things to make a situation or pursuit perfect, it’s about removing things that don’t need to be there.

This shift of mindset is about finding clarity. It’s not about how much you can prove to yourself and others but what is right for any given situation. Take yourself and your ego out of the situation so you can focus on what is important.

Getting to this place takes a lot of confidence and trust in the process itself. When you are always striving for perfection you will always be vulnerable to insecurities and nothing will seem right. If your mindset is one of perfectionism, you’ll never want to get to a place of security.

If you are constantly in the mindset of having to be perfect, it will kill your business. Over time, if you are constantly stuck in a place of perfectionism, you probably won’t have a business.

Being a perfectionist is not good for you or your business, but committing every day to excellence will help launch you in your business. Which makes the shift to the practice of excellence all the more crucial.

It’s should never be about perfection but always about being excellent.

The reality is that perfection and excellence are not the same and we should never confuse the two. The bottom line is, a perfectionist is never happy. Someone who with everything they do is pushing for excellence is so much more valuable than a perfectionist. Someone striving for excellence can take that step back and be happy with what they’ve done.

When you let go and focus on excellence, your business and brand and you as a human will thrive and the people around you, who depend on you and your talents and experience, will appreciate that.

Everyone will want to work with you and be around you. If you’re mired in the muck of being a perfectionist, you will only repel those you seek and need to attract.   

Excellence takes practice and you should be relentless in your commitment to it.

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