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How Winning In The Everyday Small Actions Actually Become a Series of Big Successes.

The First Step to Winning Big When It Matters Most

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“Success is series of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier

Conquering the small details on a regular basis prepares you to properly execute and win at the big endeavors when they come your way.

Whether you’re aiming for Olympic gold, success in the boardroom, excellence in school or peace and harmony at home, developing the mindset of a winner begins with the little day to day things.

I’m talking consistent life drills that we have opportunities every day to refine. There are so many areas in our lives where we can work on adjusting our attitudes in this way – our health, business and personal relationships, home life, the work environment (whether you’re a leader or a regular employee). 

It can be as simple as your ability to plan ahead the night before a potentially defining moment, or planning your morning so it’s organized and structured (i.e. less chaotic).

Winning consistently at the little tasks in all areas every day may not seem like a huge thing, but it’s what determines your chance of winning the big picture.

Even though the little things seem so small, they can trip us up and cause us to get distracted and ultimately lose. Every part of our life impacts the other.

If your family life is falling apart, how in the world can you be as effective as a business guru? If everyone loves you at work but your kids can’t stand you, what good is that?

It’s the small steps that lead to success. Every day small actions.

Success hardly ever comes overnight; it comes with preparation and many, many, small steps. It’s the small steps that lead to success. Every day small actions. These small actions are what I call drills. They might not seem like much at first, but over time, they can have a compounding effect. They add up or intensify over time and you can achieve big results.

I am personally working on an important communication and social etiquette technique drill. It’s a drill I am intentional to practice daily, in every conversation I have. Here is what this drill looks like in practice.

No matter what don’t interrupt. Don’t break eye contact and make your words count.

Until the person I am talking to is either done talking or invites me to speak I am not going to respond. By looking directly into their eyes not only am I showing them respect, but I am also truly listening to understand and not listening just to respond.

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