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The One Thing Winners Don’t Do No Matter What.

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What characteristics make someone a winner? A winner is not someone who succeeds at something once, but continues that success and the one thing all winners don’t do is make excuses.

A winning streak is not always about money. It can be a personal thing like a relationship or having great quality time with one’s family on a consistent basis. You can have a down or unlucky moment, but if you are a winner you will have a mindset of positivity and good strategies that help you get right back to where you should be, with energy and optimism.

If you have a healthy, forward thinking mindset focused on winning, you’re less likely to get on the wrong track or gamble on things out of your control. 

One of the most important aspects of having a winning mindset is NOT MAKING EXCUSES. Even with short term failures, there’s a reason for that occurrence, and you don’t have to make an excuse. We need to learn from those. When you make excuses even for the tiniest missteps, you are passing off and trying to deflect responsibility for something you did – and a winner never does that.

Winners acknowledge and even embrace their shortcomings. Rather than make silly excuses, a winner will explain what happened, be honest with themselves, understand that they did something wrong (or even stupid, if that’s applicable) and then use the incident to correct and apply the lesson so that they have a different result in the future.

Winners make a habit of identifying reasons for their missteps, and the process of analyzing and reflecting is part of their training. If an athlete doesn’t train all week and thus fail to compete at the level they are expected to, they will know the reason. Being human and messing up on occasion is okay – but only if you pinpoint the reason. If you do, you can turn the episode of falling short into a massive win and gain massive ultimate success out of it.   

I, like many have had to identify how I am choosing to spend my time and figure out if I was able to account for every minute of my day. I learned that there is a time for everything if we make it. There’s time for work, play, socializing, relaxation, sleep, coffee, you name it. If you say you don’t have time to do something, you’re just making an excuse. Whether in a professional setting or social atmosphere, using excuses to not accomplish something important is not the same as having a legitimate reason. 

If you’re not prioritizing or keeping proper track of your day and how you allocate your precious moments you will fall habit to making excuses and losers make excuses. Winners reflect on why the time is getting away from them, and adjust everything so that they’re no longer failing in this area.

If you keep making excuses, the problem will get worse. When we’re in that downward spiral, we will often tell ourselves we have no control over things. But we do! Saying “I have no time” is the same as “I’m not in control!” That’s a lie, not true at all.

Winning Takes Practice and it is time to dispel the myth that we’re all born winners. If that were the case, a baby would come out having all the tools to conquer the world, and toddlers would never fight over toys; they would automatically know how to achieve a mature resolution to any conflict. Being a winner is something you must choose to become. And this applies directly to the topic at hand, taking control of your time so you can stop making excuses. 

Those who are willing to step outside themselves and objectively spot and correct the things that are off center or completely wrong will be the ones who create good habits for winning on a consistent basis. It’s no different than training as a pro athlete. It’s all about discipline. Athletes didn’t become awesome by magic or all of a sudden. They did so through a process of rigorous training and focus. 

Everyone has their own way of creating a life that is best for themselves. If you’re feeling you’re not living up to your potential or things are out of your control, it’s time to take stock and make some changes in your lifestyle and daily habits. Begin by identifying the reasons why you are feeling you’re overwhelmed and have no time.

Don’t rely on the proverbial “mental list” that you go over and over in your head. Get things out of your head, because keeping things in our head is what is hindering you. You already have enough up there to be processing at all times. I guarantee if you get more organized and adjust your way of thinking about time management like any awesome boss does, it will make your weeks better and more efficient – and get you in that winning mindset! 

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