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Three important components for creating a superior workforce that can help to make a company successful.

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Engaged employees lead to engaged customers, who in turn drive a company’s growth, long term profitability, and stock price. To optimize production, sales, and efficiency, a company needs employees committed to their jobs, the company and its vision.

Effective leaders who inspire workers to deliver their best performance and to look for training and development opportunities, in the long run, a culture of effective leadership perpetuates across a company at all levels. 

In addition, workers who are motivated by their managers and do not become burned out are less likely to begin looking for other jobs. This culmination of ongoing effective management is low employee turnover.

Have you ever worked in a company (or heard about a situation) where you thought the way employees were managed either helped to make the company more successful or caused problems that held the company back?

It is probably safe to say that most people, including myself, have suffered at least one bad boss. The tales about such managers can become the stuff of legend or satire. But those tales can also mask the real costs of bad bosses to individual employees and the organization as a whole.

I have heard situations of bad bosses range from the extreme cases of terrible bullies and actual psychopaths to garden-variety disorganized or demotivating supervisors. Likewise, their effects can be wide-ranging. At one extreme, the actions of poor managers have been known to lead to employee suicide or workplace violence.

Less drastic, but still serious, are the depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by employees who are subjected to a bad boss over a long period of time. Employees being poorly managed will simply quit and find a more congenial workplace. The costs in such cases are relatively straightforward: increased use of sick leave, loss in productivity and high employee turnover.

Here are three important components for creating a superior workforce that can help to make a company successful.


The employees that a business hires are the main factor when it comes to the growth and success that a business will experience in the future. Employees not only deal with customers on a regular basis but also are the essential cogs in the machine when it comes to delivering goods and providing any relevant services. Without a core team of quality and effective employees, it is impossible for a business to stand apart, build a brand, and develop a unique customer experience! 


By establishing clear goals, you can get your employees and management on the same page in terms of mission and objectives, keep employees engaged in their career development, and increase productivity and output. All of these things tie into people’s development, which is a company’s perspective on growing people to fulfill important roles in the future.


These days employees desire more feedback from their leadership team, especially millennials. It’s become more and more important for workers to know where they stand and feel like they are meeting expectations.

Regular feedback allows management and the employees knowledge of what is expected of each other. When employees are meeting their goals, they get positive feedback to reinforce their efforts and when goals are not being met they can be addressed, and steps can be taken to help them meet their goals. 

Do you think anything is missing from this list? If so, what other people management tips would you add to the list? Comment below how your added ideas could help make a company more successful.
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