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Why Good Manners Are Proven To Be Good For Business.

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Are you a nice person and a good human being? If so, your actions and words will show it! None of us are born with good manners. But if we learn them and apply them to everyday situations, they can make an enormous difference in our personal and professional lives.

Simple things like saying “please” and “thank you,” driven by graciousness, gratitude, and humility, can help new relationships get off to a great start and enhance longtime relationships exponentially. If people feel you take the time to show you respect them, they will feel closer to you and more open in your presence. 

Other seemingly small things (with larger implications) that I practice include remembering a person’s name a few minutes into your first conversation and asking about their family. Such connections better enable two people to work together, whether they are best friends and even when there is a history of personal contention in the mix. If you have good manners, you can’t lose. 

People can tell when you’re being authentic and when you’re just faking it. Drawing on an athletic metaphor, anyone can tell you they’re a trained athlete, and you can fake the façade for a while, but when you have to show it, that’s when everyone will know if you’ve been honest.

So if you’re honestly invested in developing manners and they become a natural part of every interaction, they can not only enhance your daily life but possibly be preparing you for a future leadership role you may not even know is coming. 

The issue of manners is especially important today because we live in a social media-dominated world and it’s so easy to forget to be kind, polite and respectful when we hide behind our screens.

Don’t have two personas, one where you treat people nicely in person, and the other where you act obnoxious online. That’s not authentic. Freedom of speech does not give you a license to be rude or loose with your lips (or fingers, as the case may be when you’re typing).

Remember, when you’re typing, you’re talking.

When we are not using and practicing common courtesy and manners every single day, very quickly the uglier parts of who we are become visible. Who you are and who you can become depends on what you are practicing every day.

You have to learn good manners and practice them daily rather than take them for granted to slack off in some interactions. Because as we know, what you don’t practice every day, you lose. If we’re not practicing good manners, we are losing them, and that will have negative repercussions. 

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